Ronald and Claudette


Pastor Kelly and his wife Claudette (affectionately known as Sister Kelly) are a couple blessed by God for this time at North Peel Community Church. They have dedicated their lives in service to the Lord Jesus Christ for close to 40 years.

Pastor Kelly
Pastor Kelly is empowered by the Lord to lead this ministry in Caledon. He has a vision to continually go beyond the church borders and make an impact on the lives within the community. He is well known for his humility and his personal touch.  As stated by many congregants, “When you need him, he is always there to support”.  Pastor Kelly is also committed to lifelong learning and promotes this through teaching and preaching the word of God both nationally and internationally.  He is an example to those around him and he truly is a man lead by God.

Sister Kelly

Sister Kelly is a woman of God as described in the bible (Proverb 31).  She is humble, knowledgeable and always ready to serve.  She works tirelessly in support of the ministry and is always ready to provide advice  and support required by anyone.  She truly is a blessing to those around her.

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